As Fauna evolves, new features are added and, the focus of this section, older features are deprecated and slated for eventual removal.

Removing functionality that you depend on can affect your applications and their queries. Wherever possible, we evolve Fauna in a way that preserves compatibility with existing queries. Whenever that is not possible, we communicate the deprecation well in advance of the removal (at least 6-12 months after deprecation).

Deprecated functions and features

The following functions and features are deprecated:

Function or feature Description Deprecation begins Expected removal

The definition of "identity" is changing to include third-party authentication. We are taking this opportunity to rename the function to better describe what it does.

For API version 4.0 and newer, use the CurrentIdentity function.

4.0 (November 2020)

5.0 (TBD)

The Contains function needed a more specific name, so the ContainsPath alias has been created. For API version 3.0 and newer, use ContainsPath, and the related ContainsField and ContainsValue functions.

3.0 (August 2020)

4.0 (November 2020)

Client keys and roles, public permissions, and delegation

The legacy authentication system provided a simplistic way to establish a key that applications could use to perform queries for "unauthenticated" users. Use the newer Attribute-based access control (ABAC) system instead, as it provides much greater control and flexibility.

2.12.0 (May 2020)

4.0 (TBD)


The priority option, a parameter to the CreateDatabase and CreateKey functions, was intended for on-premise operators to signal how to prioritize limited resources. Since Fauna operates its cloud service in a way that always provides available capacity, priority has not served a purpose for Fauna Cloud.

2.10.1 (December 2019)


This function provided some confusion for users with SQL experience. It did not serve a very common use case and was challenging to use effectively.

2.10.0 (November 2019)


Classes were renamed to Collections. Use CreateCollection instead.

2.7.0 (July 2019)


Classes were renamed to Collections. Use Collection instead.

2.7.0 (July 2019)


Classes were renamed to Collections. Use Collections instead.

2.7.0 (July 2019)


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