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What is Fauna?

Learn More Fauna is a flexible, developer-friendly, transactional database delivered as a secure and scalable cloud API with native GraphQL. Fauna combines the flexibility of NoSQL systems with the relational querying and transactional capabilities of SQL databases.

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Quick start

Get up and running quickly with an interactive introduction to Fauna.

Build a sample app

Sample apps show Fauna features and capabilities in an application context.

New to Fauna Query Language?

The SQL to FQL translation reference can help you get started.


Build GraphQL and AWS applications.

Driver support

To start querying Fauna from your application code, choose your language:

What is in the documentation?

These three main content sections can help you learn Fauna:


Cookbooks icon Query and code examples for databases, collections, indexes, and user-defined functions.


Tools icon Full descriptions of the tools available with Fauna.

API Reference

API Reference icon Complete reference materials for the APIs you can use to interact with Fauna.

Explore key features

A selection of features that make Fauna easy to get started, powerful, and unique:


Configure authentication and access controls.

Data Import

Import JSON or CSV data into your database.


Stream changes to a client application.


Learn about built-in daily backup management and recovery.

Query Log

Download near real-time query logs for enhanced database observability.

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