Tools and integrations

This section describes the tools and integrations available for Fauna.


  • Fauna Dev is a Docker image that runs a single Fauna node in your own environment, for development and testing purposes.

  • The Fauna Data Manager (FDM) is a terminal application that performs migration, export, import, backup, and restore tasks for Fauna databases.

  • fauna-shell is a command line tool that lets you execute Fauna queries interactively, to help you explore the capabilities of Fauna.


  • The Fauna extension for VS Code allows you to browse you Fauna databases, indexes, collections, documents, and user-defined functions within VS Code. You can also edit Fauna documents, and run Fauna Query Language queries within VS Code.

  • The Fauna Integration for Vercel makes it easy to use Fauna as the database for your Vercel sites and serverless functions.

  • The Fauna Add-on for Netlify makes it easy to use Fauna as the database for your Netlify sites and functions.

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