Release Notes - Fauna 2.11.0

Released 2020-02-12

The Fauna team is pleased to announce the availability of Fauna 2.11.0.


Built-in collection indexes

With built-in collection indexes (along with the Documents function), there are a couple of advantages:

  • You no longer need to create your own "collection index" just to track all of the documents that exist within a collection.

  • You can remove any existing collection indexes (provided that you update queries that involve them) to save on storage.

We’re excited to announce that the following FQL functions that were previously released in Preview mode are now generally available and supported in all primary drivers:

Issues fixed

  • Fixed issue where ABAC roles could fall back to the legacy permission system.

  • Fixed missing reference for the write privilege in ABAC roles. Predicate functions for the write action now receive the reference of the document to be written. See User-defined roles for details.

  • Fixed rendering of indexes with multiple sources defined.

  • Fixed IndexOutOfBounds error when using FindStrRegex.

  • Cleaned up error descriptions in error messages.

  • Fixed DateTimeException when using Epoch.

Beginning with Fauna 2.11.0, the Fauna access control logic has been changed to use attribute-based access control (ABAC) roles, or the key-based permission system, but never both.

If a resource is a member of an ABAC role, the ABAC role specifies all privileges for that resource. Otherwise, the key-based permission system determines whether read/write/execute privileges are enabled.

For example, when an ABAC role includes a user-defined function as a member, that function cannot be called unless the ABAC privileges permit the call action.

Next steps

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