Release Notes - Fauna 2.8.0

Released 2019-08-28

The Fauna team is pleased to announce the availability of Fauna 2.8.0.


The following new functions have been added to the Fauna Query Language as a "preview":

  • A preview function does not have support in all drivers; only Java, Javascript, and Scala implementations are provided.

  • A preview function might change after its initial release. Feedback from the community could suggest changes to parameters, return values, or implementation. We’d like you to try these functions and let us know how they are working for you!

Format function

Format formats a list of arguments according to a format specifier string, similar to printf in other languages.

Merge function

Merge takes two or more objects and returns a new object with the key/value pairs of all objects merged. The optional parameter resolver is a Lambda function that is used to resolve conflicts for duplicate keys.

Range function

Range provides the ability to limit a set based on lower and upper bounds of its natural order. If a set’s tuples are longer than the bounds passed to Range(), the limit applies based on the prefix the bounds cover. The from and to bounds are inclusive.

Reduce function

Reduce applies a reducer function to each member of a collection (an array, page, or set) to produce a single value (any scalar, array, object, etc.).

List of issues fixed in 2.8.0

  • Filter can now operate on a Set, in addition to working with an Array. This makes pagination easier, and makes it possible to filter sets in combination with other set functions.

  • Fixed an issue where Distinct could not be round-tripped between Fauna and a client.

  • Improved the latency and reliability of index builds.

  • Newly created indexes are no longer automatically set to active when a collection already has documents.

  • Index builds are synchronous for collections with less than 128 documents.

  • Providing a timestamp to At that is too far into the future now returns an error immediately.

  • Fixed an issue where the functions Insert and Remove would reject an action taken from an event within a query.

  • Various minor operational improvements and bug fixes.

Next Steps

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