Release Notes - Fauna 2.10.0

Released 2019-11-27

The Fauna team is pleased to announce the availability of Fauna 2.10.0.


Functions in "preview" mode are only supported on the JavaScript and JVM (Java and Scala) drivers, and may change between their preview introduction and general availability. Typically, preview functions remain in preview for 2 releases of Fauna.

Issues fixed

  • Ensured that the C# driver properly uses and supports Collection and Document terminology.

  • Fixed issue where the C# driver was not always handling nulls correctly.

  • Moved Format, Merge, Range, and Reduce out of preview.

  • Difference, Distinct, Intersection, and Union now support arrays.

  • Fixed issue where Range did not support refs as bounds.

  • Invalid Create function calls now give clearer error messages.

Next steps

Learn more about Fauna from our product page.

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