Release Notes - Fauna 2.9.0

Released 2019-10-17

The Fauna team is pleased to announce the availability of Fauna 2.9.0.


The following new functions have been added to the Fauna Query Language as a "preview":

  • A preview function initial release does not have support in all drivers; only Java, Javascript, and Scala implementations are provided.

  • A preview function might change after its initial release. Feedback from the community could suggest changes to parameters, return values, or implementation. We’d like you to try these functions and let us know how they are working for you!

Aggregate functions for sets

Following up on the recent addition of the Reduce function, we have added new functions for common aggregations:

  • Count can be used to return a count of elements in any Array, Page, or Set.

  • Mean and Sum compute the mean and sum, respectively, of indexed numeric data.

  • Max and Min have also been enhanced to work on Sets, as well as Arrays and Pages.

String predicate functions

We have added some additional functions which make it easier to search for specific strings with Filter() by returning true or false rather than an index or match structure:

  • StartsWith, EndsWith, and ContainsStr allow you to test if a string contains a search string.

  • ContainsStrRegex allows you to check whether a string matches a regular expression, which can be useful for more advanced predicates.

  • RegexEscape lets you escape the input, transforming it into a regular expression that matches the actual input value.

Even more functions

  • MoveDatabase provides the ability to move a database to another point in a database hierarchy, similar to the mv command for your file system.

  • Now provides the transaction start timestamp. Previously, the only way to get the transaction start time was by passing the special argument now to Time.

List of issues fixed in 2.9.0

  • Improved the server’s task system to better prioritize tasks between nodes.

  • C# driver: Fixed nullable types for values that have non-null values in the database. Also added support for ISet types on decoders.

  • Fixed permission denied error when paginating through scoped databases that had been previously moved.

  • Improved write latency by using replica level coordinator information instead of global. Previously, remote, non-log replicas could cause log replicas to slow down needlessly.

  • Enforced limit of 64kb for index entries (includes terms and values fields).

  • Deleting a collection now automatically deletes related single-source indexes.

Next Steps

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