Displays instructions for enabling fauna-shell command autocompletion.

fauna autocomplete [SHELL]


Displays instructions for autocompleting fauna-shell commands and options in a terminal. Currently, the Bash and ZSH shells are supported. Autocompletion makes fauna-shell easier to use, especially when using it repeatedly.


Argument Description


Optional - Specifies the shell to use for autocompletion. One of bash or zsh. The default is bash.


Option Description

-r or --refresh-cache

Optional - Refreshes the autocompletion cache for fauna-shell.


The following example demonstrates the output for the default Bash shell:

fauna autocomplete
Building the autocomplete cache... done

Setup Instructions for FAUNA CLI Autocomplete ---

1) Add the autocomplete env var to your bash profile and source it
$ printf "$(fauna autocomplete:script bash)" >> ~/.bashrc; source ~/.bashrc

NOTE: If your terminal starts as a login shell you may need to print the init script into ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile.

2) Test it out, e.g.:
$ fauna <TAB><TAB>                 # Command completion
$ fauna command --<TAB><TAB>       # Flag completion


Follow the instructions to enable autocompletion.

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