Release notes - Fauna API and drivers

The Fauna API, embodied in the interactions between the core database server and the drivers, follows a new version strategy beginning with this release.

These release notes cover new features, enhancements, and bugs fixed since the 2.12.0 release.

API Version 3 - released 2020-08-18


  • Added short-circuit behavior to the And and Or functions.

  • Added a new function, Reverse to reverse the order of sets and pages.

  • Added an alias of the Contains function called ContainsPath, and deprecated the Contains function.

  • Added the new functions ContainsField and ContainsValue functions, to make it easier to explore the structure of objects and documents.

  • Add api_version support to Lambda functions, so that a user-created function continues to behave consistently as the Fauna API version advances.

  • Improved ttl configuration for documents by honoring the time-to-live upon read. This is especially useful for keys and tokens.

  • Updated the Java driver support to include Java 11, and to remove Java 8.

  • Update the Python driver support to include Python 3.7 and 3.8.

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