Release Notes - Fauna GraphQL API 1.0.0

Released 2019-06-18

The Fauna team is pleased to announce the general availability of the Fauna GraphQL API, an interface that makes it very easy to connect applications with databases by using a generic, composable query language instead of a server-specific query language.

We plan to build on this release of GraphQL API over the coming months.


  • Works with any database within Fauna. Queries/mutations are restricted to the defined GraphQL schema, so that your GraphQL access can live alongside any other classes, indexes, and instances that may already exist.

  • Supports importing via the /import endpoint, and querying via /graphql.

  • GraphQL Playground is embedded in the Fauna Console, so there is no need to install an application, or use a separate web application to inspect your schema or run queries.

  • Supports several custom directives, including @collection, @embedded, @index, @relation, @resolver, @unique.


As this is an initial release, there are some known limitations:

  • Schemas do not support:

    • Custom directives

    • Custom input types

    • Custom interfaces

    • Custom scalars

    • Union types

  • No name can start with an underscore (_)

  • Subscriptions are not supported.

Next Steps

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